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Articles, CDs, Books and Lectures resulting from the international child health work of CAI

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Articles, abstracts and letters

Refugee children need coordinated care

D P Southall, M E Black M E
BMJ. 1993; 307:1576-77.

Strategies to protect children from the effects of war. International Child Health

Southall D P, McMaster P, McMaster H, Plunkett M.
October 1995:6:111-116.

Parent and young person held child health record and advice booklets and their use in Bosnia and Herzegovena

McMaster P, McMaster H, Simunovic V, Selimovic N, Southall D P.
International Child Health. October 1995:6:121-131.

A programme for improving the health care of mothers and children during the war in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Southall D, McMaster P, McMaster H, Muhiudeen H, Chappell P, Hewertson J, Macintosh
I, Marinaki K.

International Child Health. October 1995:6:95-110.

Medical Evacuation from Mostar

Southall DP, Ellis J, McMaster P, McMaster H, Willock A, Plunkett M.
The Lancet. 1996: 347: 244-245.

Can children be protected from the effects of war?

Southall D, Carballo M.
Br Med J. 1996:313:1493.

Personal child health record and advice booklet programme in Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina

McMaster P, McMaster H, Southall D P.
Royal Society of Medicine. 1996:89:202-204.

Medical Evaluation from Mostar. Essay

Southall D P, Ellis J, McMaster P, McMaster H, Willock A, Plunkett M.
Lancet 1996:347: 244-45.

The effects of war on children

Plunkett M C B, Southall D P.
Current Paediatrics 1996:6:211-216.

Children and war

Plunkett M C B, Southall D P.

Ambulatory Child Health (1997)3: 162-169.

Paediatric ophthalmology in West Mostar. Bosnia Eye

Elder M, Southall D.
1997:11; 132-135.

War and Children

Plunkett M C B, Southall D P.
Arch Dis in Childhood. Jan 1998 : 78 : 72-77.

Protecting children from armed conflict

Southall D P, Abbasi K.
Br Med J. 1998: 316: 1549-1550.

21st Century Health Care for Children in Afghanistan

Sogan D, Bridel J, Arzomund M, Shepherd C, Southall D.
Pediatrics. 1998: 102; 1193-1198.

Pity the Children

David Southall calls on the United Nations to establish an international police force to protect the youngest victims of war
Southall D.
New Statesman. 21 August 1998.

The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative (CFHI):  Healthcare Provision in Accordance With the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Southall DP, Burr S, Smith R, Radford A, Williams A, Nicholson S.
Pediatrics. 2000: 106: 1054-1064.

How ‘Child Friendly’ are you?

Clarke A, Nicholson S.
Paediatric Nursing Vol 13 No. 5 June 2001.

A day in the children’s unit of Mulago Hospital, Uganda

Ronald C, Southall D.
Current Paediatrics. 2002: 12. 157-162.

Empty arms: the effects of the arms trade on mothers and children

Southall D P, O’Hare B.
BMJ 2002:325:1457-1461 20th December.

Lung Function Changes in Teenage Carpet Weavers

Green D A.
Indian Pediatrics. 2003; 40: 221-225.

How to distinguish between neglect and deprivational abuse

Golden M H, Samuels M P, Southall D P.
Arch Disease Childhood 2003:88:105-107.

Classification of child abuse by motive and degree rather than type of injury

Southall D P, Samuels M P, Golden M H.
Arch Disease Childhood. 2003: 88:101-104.

The police should take the lead on protecting children from criminal abuse

Southall D P,  Samuels M P, Bridson J.
BMJ. 2003: 326:343.

Suicidal feelings run high among monthers in refugee camps: a cross-sectional survey

Rahman A, Hafeez A.
Acta Psychiatr Scand:  July 2003: 108:  392-393

Severe Iodine Deficiency in Southern Albania

Zimmermann M B, Bridson J, Bozo M, Grimici L, Selimaj V, Tanner M S.
Int. J. Vitam. Nutr. Res. 73 (5),  July 2003 © Hogrefe & Huber Publishers

Mental health services for war-affected children.  Report of a survey in Kosovo
Or read the abstract here.

Lynne Jones, Alban Rrustemi, Mimoza Shahini and Aferdita Uka.
British Journal of Psychiatry. 2003: 183, 540-546.

Palliative Care for Children with AIDS in a resource poor setting

O’Hare B and Southall D P.
Paediatric palliative Care Symposium Cardiff Dec 5-6th 2002. (ABSTRACT)

Cost of antiretrovirals for HIV infected Ugandan children

O`Hare B, Musoke P.
 International AIDS Conference. Barcelona 2002. (ABSTRACT)

Basic neonatal resuscitation in a resource poor setting

O`Hare B.
Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Paediatrics. 2003. (ABSTRACT)

Establishing Modified Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) in a disadvantaged country-the Nepalese experience

Upadhyay D.
Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Paediatrics. 2003. (ABSTRACT)

Caring for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda

O`Hare B.
Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Paediatrics. 2003. (ABSTRACT)

Integrating health care for mothers and children in refugee camps and at district level

Hafeez A, Riaz R, Ullah Shah S, Pervaiz J, Southall D.
BMJ Volume 328 3 April 2004

Helping you to help them

Gammon A.
BMA News, 20th November 2004

Child health in Africa: 2005 a year of hope?

National and international factors impacting on child health in Africa.
O’Hare B, Venables J, Southall D.
Archives of Disease in Childhood, ac52704 Module 2, 28/04/05

Two months in Quetta

After Dr Kim Cheetham retired from his post as a consultant paediatrician in the UK, he worked in a mission hospital in Pakistan, before taking up his responsibilities as honorary country director for CAI in Bosnia. He wrote a short piece about his experiences in Archives of Disease in Childhood, which is reproduced here.
Dr Kim Cheetham
Archives of Disease in Childhood, 2005;90;640-641

John Bridson: making a difference

Charles Essex talks to John Bridson, whose international career only started after he retired
John Bridson
BMJ 7 May 2005

Home-based care for orphaned children infected with HIV/AIDS in Uganda

O’Hare B A M, Venables J, Nalubeg JF, Nakakeeto M, Kibirige M, Southall D P.
Aids Care, May 2005; 17(4): 443-450

Failures of emergency relief

DP Southall

Journal Of The Royal Society Of Medicine

December 2005 Volume 98 Number 12 ISSN 0141-0768

Iodine supplementation improves cognition in iodine-deficient schoolchildren in Albania: a randomized, controlled, double-blind study

Michael B Zimmermann, Kevin Connolly, Maksim Bozo, John Bridson, Fabian Rohner, and Lindita Grimci
Am J Clin Nutr 2006;83:108 –14

A Pilot Study to Determine if Nurses Trained in Basic Neonatal Resuscitation Would Impact the Outcome of Neonates Delivered in Kampala, Uganda

B. A. O‘Hare 1, M. Nakakeeto, and D. P. Southall
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, doi:10.1093/tropej/fml027

Child Advocacy International (CAI) in Cameroon

Alison Earley
ICHG News, Volume 2, Issue 3, November 2006

Children and HIV

A Generation at Risk: The Global Impact of HIV/AIDS on Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Edited by Geoff Foster, Carol Levine, and John Williamson
312 pp, $75, ISBN 0-521-65264-2, New York, NY, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
Book review written by Bernadette O Hare

When the hospital is two tents, a table and a chair

Beatrix Campbell
The Herald. 18 October 2005

Achieving Health Millennium Development Goals through Capacity Building of Health Workers-ESSEMCH Strategy

Assad Hafeez, Shamsa Zafar, Faisal Rifaq, Prof. M. Ashraf Sultan, Prof. David P Southall, Khalif Bile Muhammad
Pak Paed J 2006; 30(1): 3-9

Treatment of Iodine Deficiency in School-Age Children Increases Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF)-I and IGF Binding Protein-3 Concentrations and Improves Somatic Growth

Michael B. Zimmermann, Pieter L. Jooste, Ngoako Solomon Mabapa, Xikombiso Mbhenyane, Serina Schoeman, Ralf Biebinger, Noureddine Chaouki, Maksim Bozo, Lindita Grimci, and John Bridson
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 92(2):437–442

First do no harm: the impact of recent armed conflict on maternal and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Bernadette A M O’Hare, David P Southall
J R Soc Med 2007;100:564–570

A moving story of 'Teaching Tamil Tigers'

John S Whitehall
Published in the Medical Journal of Australia

The Need for Formal Paediatric Resuscitation Training in Pakistan

Adina R. Sheikh-Sajjad, Junaid A. Razzak
Department of Paediatrics, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
Journal of Pakistan Medical Association Vol. 58, No. 2, February 2008

Evidence for improvement in the quality of care given duringemergencies in pregnancy, infancy and childhood following training in life-saving skills: a postal survey

Zaeem-ul-Haq, Farrukh Qureshi, Assad Hafeez, Shamsa Zafar, Bile Khalif Mohamud, David P Southall

Journal of Pakistan Medical Association January 2009

The opportunity costs of aid

Bernadette O`Hare, Dr David Southall

26 January 2009

BMJ 2009; 338: a3136


CAI Bulletin
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IDD Newsletter

International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency.

ESS-EMCH Newsletter

Essential Surgical Skills with Emphasis on Emergency Maternal and Child Health


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Manual of International Child Health


Pathways of Emergency Care in pregnancy and childbirth, in the newborn and older child


Pocket Emergency Paediatric Care - A Practical Guide to the Diagnosis and Management of Paediatric Emergencies in hospitals and other healthcare facilities worldwide

Southall D and Ahmad S.
British Medical Journal Books. 2003.  (BOOK).

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Pocket Book of Obstetric, Neonatal and Paediatric Emergencies including Major Trauma

In collaboration with the Government of the Gambia and WHO the Gambia

International Child Health Care: a practical manual for the hospital care of children worldwide

Southall D, Coulter B, Ronald C, Parkes S, Nicholson S.
Published by British Medical Journal Books November 2001.   (BOOK).

Manual of International Child Health (November 2008)

Refugee health: an approach to emergency situations.

Ronald C, Southall D.
BMJ. 1999:318;200A. (BOOK REVIEW)


Letter to BMJ on CAI and ALSG CD/DVDs
DP Southall

BMJ 20 September 2007

Cancellation of debt must ensure maximum benefit to vulnerable

DP Southall
BMJ. 1999: 319; 849. (LETTER ONLY)


Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course

In collaboration with the Advanced Life Support Group and BMJ Books (CD ROM).

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Arms dealing and the health of mothers and children: what can paediatricians do?

Southall DP
Plenary Lecture. Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Paediatrics. 2003.

The Lost Generation: The work of a Children’s Charity in Uganda

Jen and Mike Green
Read about the CAI Uganda project

Malnutrition in Lusaka

Read about the CAI Zambia project

Albania 1998 and on: Iodine deficiency in Europe in the 21st century

Read about the CAI Albania project

Relevant publications by other people

Children Affected By Disaster. Post-tsunami Paediatric Perspectives

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