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About Us


Improving child and maternal healthcare worldwide.

Mission Statement

CAI works to alleviate the suffering of mothers and children in countries where there is extreme poverty, armed conflict or other disaster. With the help of local professionals we deliver hands on maternal and child friendly healthcare, specifically in hospitals but also integrating closely with primary healthcare. We provide training in emergency care for medical and nursing staff using the educational materials we develop. Through advocacy we promote the best interests of children and their mothers.

Read about our Achievements and Summary of Humanitarian Aid Work.

The future

How much CAI can do depends on the kindness and generosity of its supporters.

Subject to funding, we have already been asked to:

  • Continue our work to eradicate Iodine Deficiency disease in Albania

  • Continue developing the children's Accident and Emergency programme in Sarajevo Bosnia

  • Continue our programme for children with Burkitts Lymphoma in the Cameroon

  • Continue our work in the earthquake area in Pakistan

  • Continue our work work with Health Care Professionals to improve facilities for children and their mothers in Sri Lanka.
  • Continue our work with AIDS orphans, abandoned babies, and neonatal emergency care training in Uganda

  • Continue our programme with malnourished children in Zambia

  • Open programme in Iraq

  • Continue to develop top class educational materials.

Patron and Trustees


Sylvia Countess of Limerick CBE


Dr John Bridson, Chairman
Nick Ager
Dr Alison Earley
Dr Brigid Hayden
Ms Susan James
Andrew Maxfield
Dr Robert Moy
Dr David Southall OBE
Mr Alan Sherriff

Meggie Szczesny, Programme Director and Company Secretary

Both in the UK and overseas, CAI relies heavily on volunteers to help keep costs low. If you think you could help us please get in touch. If you think you could help us with a much needed financial donation click here.

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